We’re Nostralis and we’ve been serving delicious wholemeal vegetarian pizza since 1981. Our bases are made with 100% organic wholemeal flour and we pride ourselves on only using the freshest ingredients.

But we haven’t stopped there. The cheese we use is made with vegetable rennet, and we’ve even extended our offering (by request) to include 100% soya cheese (Cheezly) and gluten-free, wheat-free bases so vegans and coeliac’s don’t miss out.

We have loyal customers who travel great distances to eat Nostralis and
we’re humbled by the amazing feedback they’ve left about our food.

So if you’re hungry, and want some mouth-watering guilt-free pizza,
check out our menu and place your order now!

PHONE US NOW ON 9528 4961

As seen in “The Butcher, The Baker the Best Coffee Maker...”

(See pages 58 & 61... our famous Vindaloo pizza gets a mention!)

“In a year overrun with new pizza joints, here;s a veteran that’s been serving 100 per cent wholemeal bases with maverick toppings, since 1981. Of the 20 varieties, it’s hard to go past the house special, loaded up with tomato, rennet-free cheese, bean shoots, capsicum, olives, soya beans, pineapple and a garlic-chilli buzz.”